Netapp Cluster Mode Monitoring 0.5 is here! (almost)

Today was meant to be the day that I triumphantly announced 0.5 of my plugin was complete… and then I discovered that I had been running the wrong rc of the script in my test environment. Whoops. I’ve decided to create a fork of the project with the latest version anyway and as part of my next update I should merge it back into the main repository if all goes well.

Netapp Cluster Monitoring Beta

The title pretty much says it all! Today I’ll be releasing the beta for Netapp C-Mode monitoring and I hate to admit it’s not my best work… there are a large number of ways it could be improved but my time constraints for getting this particular job done were more narrow than I would have otherwise liked. This was compounded by having to wrestle with a number of bugs or strange quirks with Netapp Ontapi which caused some rather bizarre behaviour.