Nagios Netapp Monitoring

Netapp Cluster Monitoring Beta

The title pretty much says it all! Today I’ll be releasing the beta for Netapp C-Mode monitoring and I hate to admit it’s not my best work… there are a large number of ways it could be improved but my time constraints for getting this particular job done were more narrow than I would have otherwise liked. This was compounded by having to wrestle with a number of bugs or strange quirks with Netapp Ontapi which caused some rather bizarre behaviour.

NetApp Cluster Mode Monitoring Alpha

Hi everyone! A few posts back I mentioned that I was working on a monitoring script for NetApp cluster mode filers and I thought today I would share a small snippet of the stable code I have completed so far. This particular release will allow you to monitor volumes, snapshots and aggregates. For those components you can monitor the % of space used, amount of space remaining, the % of inodes used, the number of inodes remaining and the state of the volume/aggregate.