The winds of change

This week has been a week of change, though the biggest changes are yet to come. Next month I’ll be finishing up at my current job and moving on to different shores, which means a number of things for this little space of the Internet I’ve carved out.

On the plus side there’s likely to be a lot more posts on newer technologies, particularly web technologies. On the downside there’s likely to be a drop in the amount of Nagios… that’s not to say that it will be going away entirely but there will definitely be a large focus shift. What this means for my plugins though is that from the 13th of June all development and bug fixing will have halted, from the 19th of June I will no longer be capable of rendering support. I am hoping to find Nagios plugin developers who would be happy to carry the torch on some of my work to prevent it fading from existence entirely.

If you are a Nagios plugin developer and would like to take on any of my works as your own then please contact me and I will be more than happy to transfer the Git projects and the Nagios exchange projects to you.

In other news I’ve made a number of updates to the Service-Now Ticketer and the NetApp C-Mode monitoring plugin. See the list of changes below:

Service-Now Ticketer changes (v1.2)

  • Now requires and loads XML::Simple to resolve some distro compatibility issues. (Thanks KL)

  • When doing a builddb it now attempts simple authentication when talking to the WSDL. This must have been a security hole fixed in the Service-Now Dublin update. (Thanks KL)

  • No longer bewildering writes the data-type of extracted fields when doing a builddb to nothing in particular. (Thanks KL)

Netapp C-Mode changes (v0.6)

- No longer stands in defiance of the laws of mathematics by attempting to divide by 0 when calculating disk health. (Thanks HW)

  • No longer attempts to monitor a volume that is being moved or provisioned. (Thanks HW)

  • Resolved a number of minor packaging and informational problems present in the 0.5 not-quite-release (Thanks WD)

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