SCOM 2012 to Nagios Connector rc1

Running a little late this week on the update, but the good news is I finally have a proper release of the SCOM 2012 -> Nagios integration script. This new beta release is not backwards compatible with the old version. The configuration file format has changed and the tracking file format has changed… it should be easy enough to update your old map file to the new format but you will probably want to delete the old tracking file and let it recreate the contents.

You will also notice that I stated that this is still a beta release, this new version IS stable but NOT feature complete. It’s powerful and flexible to be sure… but it’s probably not powerful and flexible enough for some peoples requirements. In future releases I hope to add a database option for tracking (and proper SCOM cluster support), better options for handling SCOM Rules and overall tighter integration.

These upgrades may be quite a while off though, as there are many other projects sitting on my radar currently. The only one I’m willing to mention at this point is a Netapp C-Mode monitoring script, but it’s probably going to be a little while before you hear any more about it.

You can get the latest version here.

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