Quick Fix: Installing Zenprise 7.1 on Win 2k3 R2 x64

Normally I don’t bother with mundane processes like installations on here as usually they are¬†fairly straightforward. Zenprise 7.1 (aka Citrix Xen MDM Server) on Win 2k3 R2 x64 was a rather extreme exercise in installation problem solving… here are the highlights and how to work around them:

“DATABASE CREATE failed…” (MSSQL 2005)

Zenprise will attempt to put the database in the default data directory location and if that isn’t where your database files are stored well you’re out of luck. To get around this you must create the default data directory, let it create the database and then move it later.

Dialogue box for importing the private key displays weird/does not load the key

You tried to install Zenprise with Java 6 Update 30 installed because it says it’s supported didn’t you? Turns out this causes issues on the aforementioned version of windows and the only way to solve it is to use the OTHER supported version of Java… Java 7 Update 4.

Web console won’t load after install / Zenprise admin console returns connection refused

So you finally passed installation using Java 7 update 4, you’ve checked your configuration, you’ve checked your Tomcat Catalina logs and you can’t see anything of note except for some weird errors that look something like IO HTTP Socket Binding failed. Turns out this is actually a well known Win 2k3 bug with Java v7, so now we need to uninstall Java v7 and install Java v6 Update 30.

Restart your zenprise application and hey-presto admin console!

Useful stuff the documentation doesn’t mention

The logs can be found under: ZenpriseZenprise Device Managertomcatlogs

The proxy can be configured using the file: ZenpriseZenprise Device ManagertomcatwebappsWEB-INFclassesew-config.properties

Most of the proxy settings are fairly obvious… except for configuring the Apple APNS proxy which will ask you for a “APNS Proxy type” the valid options are “HTTP” or “SOCKS” though this is mentioned nowhere.

Using ADAM for authentication

I was apparently the first person to ever try to integrate Zenprise with an ADAM database for user authentication (lucky me), here are the gotcha’s, some ADAM specific and some not:

  1. Select Microsoft Active Directory as the Directory Type (They support something called Maxware… but not regular ol’ LDAP for some reason…)

  2. All of your users must be accessible from under a single OU structure.

  3. All of your groups must be accessible from under a single OU structure.

  4. All of your users MUST be in an accessible group otherwise they won’t be able to authenticate

  5. When you get to the Attribute import stage of the wizard it will throw an error about LDAP attributes being unavailable. This is safe to ignore, it’s simply because an ADAM database without the appropriate schema extensions doesn’t have all of the attributes available that an AD database would.

That’s all for today’s (rather long) quick fix!

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