Post NWCNA Conference Stuff

Good news everyone! By which I mean, some good news and some less-good-news. The slides from my presentation are now available:

If you want to view other speakers slides they are available below:

The slides have been available for some time but I have been waiting to post my slides and conference video at the same time… that video is now available but unfortunately it’s been pay-walled. Double unfortunately it’s been pay-walled for a $100 subscription fee and the content really isn’t worth that price tag. For those of you who attended the conference and get access for free you can watch it here.

Given the video is not very accessible I will take the key¬†learning’s from my presentation and boil them down into a series of useful tutorials and discussions that I will post here so that the same information is more readily available.

On a completely unrelated note I sort of spilled the beans I was working on a generic nagios->service-now ticketer which I am hoping will see a beta release in the next two weeks*.

*I operate on Valve time.

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