Ops to DevOps

It’s not often we radically change the kind of industry we work in, in my case I’ve recently moved from the physical retail sector to the digital advertising sector (the kind of advertising that tries to solve a problem rather than the kind that is a problem). I’ve also moved from being a traditional operations engineer to the devops kind, the combination of the industry and the role shift has been an interesting experience. This post is mostly a couple of observations about the transition, so no technical stuff today but next post should see regular content resume.

It should go without saying that the much more technology focused digital advertising world moves significantly faster and as a net result you get comfortable working with a kind of manageable chaos as opposed to the slower stable life cycles of the retail sector. As some one who experiences a mild OCD (figuratively speaking) about nice neat design there was a kind of culture shock once the understanding of my new reality set in.

I’d spent a large portion of my former life building things with the mind set that they should be as neat and future proof as possible because once they were production they likely weren’t going anywhere in a hurry and now the winds change direction with sometimes very little warning. While I’ve acclimated to my new surroundings there is a part of me from time to time that pines for a middle ground from time to time… or at least to have better light houses so that I can avoid colliding with the refuse that floats in the dangerous murky waters of legacy from some of those particular storms.

The great part though is this uncertainty creates bountiful opportunities to regularly work with the more bleeding edge side of technology and while a lot of my articles will still cover old staples like Nagios and Splunk, there will also be some new stuff seeping in as I get more comfortable working with, CI, Docker and AWS infrastructure.

I’m enjoying my new surrounds and their accompanying challenges and looking forward to being able to share some of those with everyone soon.

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