NWCNA 2013 and some other stuff

Today I’ve got a number of small updates to go through that should have been up last week but work related crises came-a-knocking, but better late than never I sometimes say.

NWCNA 2013

Unfortunately this year I didn’t have the corporate sponsorship that I was granted the previous year for the trip. I considered paying the excess travel and accommodation costs out of pocket but unfortunately the funds weren’t coming up fungible.

I did however have a topic in mind for this year that follows on from my previous presentation about configuration architecture, so I am hoping to release a follow-up PDF or series of articles that detail complex environment integration tasks and ideas.


Bugs! Bugs in my software, I thought this day would never come!… Actually I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner. The discovered bugs are as follows:

  • Powershell NRDP - Powershell NRDP is confused about it’s heritage and will declare that it is written in Perl when asked. A new version will be released today that should set it straight.
  • VMWare alarm sender for Nagios - Sometimes vCenter will fail to execute the script, the root cause of this issue eludes me as of yet but I’m hoping to have a fix for it sooner, rather than later.


To help cover the small amount it costs me to keep this place alive I added a donate panel a month or so ago instead of plastering the website in ads. Today I’m going to expand on this a little further and add an affiliates section to the side panel that will contain a couple of affiliate links to products I use and believe in.

This should be a good unobtrusive way to further help me with generating quality content. Once again my sincerest thanks to everyone who finds this site useful and decides to help out!

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