NetApp Cluster Mode Monitoring Alpha

Hi everyone! A few posts back I mentioned that I was working on a monitoring script for NetApp cluster mode filers and I thought today I would share a small snippet of the stable code I have completed so far. This particular release will allow you to monitor volumes, snapshots and aggregates.

For those components you can monitor the % of space used, amount of space remaining, the % of inodes used, the number of inodes remaining and the state of the volume/aggregate.

This plugin uses the perl NetApp SDK ontapi modules (this was built and tested using 5.2), so you must have that installed on your Nagios server and you need to configure a user on your filers with read-only API access.

There is a known issue when using the snapshot monitoring, if you have the max allowable size set to 0, then the script will throw a div by 0 error when it tries to calculate the usage. For the time being you can get around this by using the modifier switch to exclude that particular volume.

You can download it [here][1]. Enjoy!

[1]: ?

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