Nagios world conference 2012

Anyone who’s had a look at the (rather short) backlog of articles on this site would probably notice that I have a bit of involvement in the Nagios project and community. This year I will be speaking at the NWCNA 2012 conference in Minnesota on the topic of “Rational configuration design to prevent irrational problem solving”, which is all rather exciting.

You can find the official information here along with all the other awesome speakers and topics. Now other than the shameless self-promotion I would like to use this post to expand a little more on the specifics of what I will be discussing.

A large portion of my presentation will be focused around what I like to call the core three objects, the bread and butter of any Nagios installation. These objects are of course contacts, hosts and services… now the fact I started that list with contacts is very important. What I’ve learned over many years of Nagios administration is that the foundation object isn’t actually the host; it’s the contact and the greatest degree of flexibility needs to be available at the contact level not the host.

The most important defining feature of a host should instead be it’s ease of automation, because in your typical environment you are going to have a whole lot of devices to add and 910 of those devices are probably going to fit very neatly into a base profile. Last but not least we have the venerable service, now the service should be left as generic as possible… the more hosts you are able to attach to a single service definition the less work you are going to have to do in the future. I can’t say much more about the service without spoiling the presentation somewhat.

After all that ground has been covered I’ll be running through the importance of good parenting, managing exceptions and finding easy and less easy ways to automate your environment.

I’m looking forward to meeting the other speakers and perhaps even some readers!

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