Nagios Service-Now Ticket Integration Is Finally Here!

This has been something of a pet project that I’ve been developing on and off since just after the NWCNA conference last year. It started as an idea designed to make my companies integration more extensible and I soon realised that with a little extra effort I could create a dynamic mapping system that any one could use to integrate their Nagios system(s) with service-now.

I am pleased to say that the first proper release is now available:

The first release has the following features:

  • A mapping file that allows you to generate dynamic Service-Now input from Nagios output.
  • In-depth logging to help capture problems with translation.
  • “Storm Watch” is a feature that serves as a method of suppressing Nagios alerts in the event of a notification storm or in the event that a single host is being noisier than it should be. Nothing sucks more than having to manually close 80+ tickets when something unexpected happens 😉
  • The “Ticket Track” feature is used when a new job is logged to the integrator to determine if a ticket is already open for this particular host/service and if there is already a ticket it will update the existing incident instead of opening a new one. When an OK status is received
  • Passive alerts can be configured to be ignore by ticket track.
  • Basic proxy authentication support is available.

There are a couple more goodies you will find in this release but I see these as the major features of the release, enjoy!

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