0.5 is here! (almost)

Today was meant to be the day that I triumphantly announced 0.5 of my plugin was complete… and then I discovered that I had been running the wrong rc of the script in my test environment. Whoops. I’ve decided to create a fork of the project with the latest version anyway and as part of my next update I should merge it back into the main repository if all goes well.

You can get the latest (hopefully stable) version from here:

The new version contain the following bugs / enhancements:

  • *NEW* Quota monitoring (Warning: Completely untested and experimental. )

  • *NEW* The new –n parameter allows you to filter the queries to only get information from a specific vhost or cluster node depending on the check, use the -–help parameter to get a list of which checks are filtered to which objects.

  • is now compatible with SDK 5.2 and hopefully OnTap 8.2.

  • significant changes have been made to snapmirror monitoring so that it now works as intended.

  • Physical port monitoring and vhost interface monitoring are now separate checks and can be accessed with check_port and check_interface respectively.

Let me know if you run into any issues!

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